Family Travel Insurance - FAQs Answered
Family Travel Insurance - FAQs Answered

The 2018 March Break is almost upon us.  Likely some will be heading on family getaways. If they’re planning a last-minute trip, whether it’s across the border or to the next province, they may not think about travel insurance. 

To help explain the value of a family travel insurance plan, here are the answers to frequently asked questions.

1.    Why does my family need travel insurance?

  • Accidents or medical emergencies while travelling can be costly. The right travel medical insurance will protect your finances and provide peace of mind, by covering doctors’ visits, hospital stays, prescriptions and more. Note: A trip to the ER for an ear infection can cost $800 or more.
  • With provincial medical plans only covering up to 10% of medical costs and services, travel insurance can prevent financial hardship.
  • In addition to financial protection, travel insurance provides medical assistance services—a huge help in a medical emergency. TuGo knows which medical facilities are the best, so travellers don’t have to figure out where to get treatment. This is especially important if you’re travelling in countries where you don’t understand/speak the language.

2.    What are the benefits of choosing a family travel insurance plan?

There are two benefits to choosing a family plan:

  1. Lower rates—Children get free coverage! Our family rates are based on the oldest parent’s age. The more people on the plan, the greater the savings.
  2. Travel together or separately—With Multi Trip Annual Travel Insurance, family members don’t have to travel together or even leave their home province at the same time. 

3.    Who can buy a family plan? 

TuGo’s policy defines a “family” as: Individuals 59 and under, consisting of you and/or your spouse, all dependent children and dependent grandchildren.

  • Family members travelling together (Single Trip plan) or separately (Multi Trip Annual plan).
  • Dependent children, grandchildren and foster children up to 21 years-old living in the same household, or up to 25 years-old if they’re full time students (see the policy for more details).
  • Siblings travelling without parents, as long as they meet the definition of family.
  • Grandparents (59 and under) taking grandchildren on vacation.
Wherever you venture this March break, make sure you're equipped with the best travel insurance for their needs. From Emergency Medical Insurance to Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption, and optional coverages like Baggage or Sports, TuGo has the products and services you and your customers can rely on!

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