Attracting and retaining the right talent is necessary in a competitive business environment. Having worked with start-ups, growing and businesses understands your current and future needs, delivering programs YOU can be proud to offer to your employees. 


Whether you are a group of 3 - 50+ with simple or complex needs, or looking for a program that offers the ultimate in affordable stability, we have the right plan for your business.

Simple to Start

  • Request a quote summary
  • Choose an option
  • Simplified set-up

Pooled Benefits Programs

Features pooled rates & claims for Extended Healthcare and Dental. Rates are based on average age, claims, size of the entire pool.. Choose from 5 options from each of our 3 popular pooled products, featuring premium coverage and a history of rate stability for companies of 3 - 50+

  • LifeStyle - Contemporary, health focused 'most requested' option, groups of 3 - 50+
  • Select - Most Affordable, ideal for clients wanting a quality, affordable benefits plan.
  • Classic - Traditional Style, familiar coverage, stable, reliable premium

Franchise Program provides special advantages for the franchise industry.

If you are a Franchisee, contact us to find out more about the advantages of our programs.

Custom Program  is a modern Benefits company.

We apply a unique blend of knowledge, product management skills, proactive planning and service to design proven solutions for small to mid-sized employers.

Modern Features

  • Start quotes on-line
  • Clear options
  • Simplified set-up
  • Pay-direct drug & dental card
  • Smart phone app
  • Other on-line features

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